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Salty Activity Booklet

We know times are tough keeping your littlies entertained right now. As an Ex Teacher/ Nanny I thought I could create a FREE downloadable activity booklet to keep them entertained while you sip on a glass of wine ( we all you know you deserve one right now). 

Activity book includes 16 pages full of:
- Tracing letters and numbers  (NSW foundation font)
- Simple Addition
- Tracing dotted lines 
- Colouring in featuring our animals for our Australia collection ( Art works by Tara Sea- The Name Nest @_tarasea & @thenamenest)
- Dot to Dot actives
- The best homemade play dough recipe.

Put in code SALTYAB at checkout avoid shipping fees. 

Stay Home, Stay safe!
Lots of love during this time 

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