Creative Director & Owner Rebekah, better known to most of you as ‘Bek’, takes on a sustainable and ethical practice here at Salty Swimwear. Our brand takes pride and leadership on maintaining high standards of recycled materials, environmentally friendly packaging and assuring all production is ethically correct.

All of the business aspects from the initial designs, picking fabric and printing, photography, web design, packing and posting, customer service and market days on the East Coast community in Australia is independently executed by Bek.

The full production process is carefully implemented with Bek’s right hand man, Epol, who is located in Bali, Indonesia. Epol hand makes every garment from the comfort of his home. 


Our biggest decision to change the fabric of the swimwear has been our best one to date. As our Salty customer’s love vibrant and fun prints, sourcing a fabric that allowed us to print with flawless results was our main priority.

Using only recycled fabrics, the move to Repreve assured us that the result was possible and beneficial in all departments. The material is formed from recycled plastic bottles, which turns into an amazing Buttery fibre.

Our Acetex print-based fabric is made of
82% polyester and 18% Chlorine-resist elastane.
This Fabric has a sun safe UPF 50+ protection.

Carvico is another sourced product Salty uses, this particular material is a sustainable techno-fabric, made of a ECONYL® regenerated nylon that turns waste problems into every day fashion items, or, in our case, summer wear and beach essentials.




Packaging plays an important part in the final stages of production, the packaging we choose to use not only protects the swimwear that is being delivered door to door. The bio degrable packs are protecting the environment from toxic waste which could potentially end up in our beloved oceans and landfill

Bio- Cassava bags Bags

All pieces are quality controlled before packed in bio-cassava bags that can be used later in home compost and used as plant fertiliser.

comPOST Packs

The journey for your new salty swimwear is then posted via comPOST packs that are made from 100% biodegradable and compostable materials. Dispatched globally, each consumer has then practiced sustainable shopping by purchasing with our small business. 

From Salty Swimwear to you, shop responsibly.