Adventures with the Tanna tribe




We are pretty sure if you spent some time scrolling through Instagram you already know
who Candy and her gorgeous kids with the piercing green / blue eyes are.
If not, take a moment a read our interview with this fun mum of 4.
We chatted about everything, from how her super successful Instagram account (@tanna_tribe) came to be,
what activities they love to do as a fam and well, who her kiddos got those amazing baby blues from...
Candy, scrolling through your Insta @tanna_tribe always puts a smile on our faces. It feels so fun, authentic  and last but not least your fam is absolutely gorgeous! How did you get into sharing your life on this platform?  
Thank you! I love hearing that others love what we share. We love sharing little fun snippets of our life on the gram. I started our account back when Mahiya was only one(she’s 4 now). It was originally called Mahiya_georgiej. It was purely a platform for me to share the photos I took of her as I had taken so many. That girl is so photogenic! 


Your account has grown so much within a really short time. How do you decide which brands to work with/align yourself with?
It’s been crazy how fast it’s grown. I had not expected it to grow so quickly. We love to share fashion lifestyle and our everyday adventures. I have a little split personality when it comes to fashion.. One day it might be Boho the next Street… If I love it I’ll run with it! One thing I do pride myself on, is I try to only share brands I know are of top-quality. This is the same for any brand that I work with.
What’s your favorite thing about being a mum? And is there anything about being a mum that’s totally different from what you expected it to be?
There really is so much to love, but knowing my kids love me unconditionally, being needed and relied on gives me so much purpose. And I love them so much in return I don’t know who I would be without them. 
I didn’t ever think motherhood would be so hard though! As much as I love being a mum it is the hardest job in the world. Oh man there is so much washing and never ending house work that comes with it! 
You have 2 girls and 2 boys between the age of ?? to 4.  What’s an activity you all enjoy doing together as a family?
There is 2 1/2 years between the boys, 6 years between Mahiya and Dai-Shaun and 2 years between Zendaya and Mahiya. 
We love going on lots of different adventures with the kids, but the beach is definitely our favourite thing to do. We love camping barbecues with the family and visiting new places. We can’t wait to be able to travel again!! 

Your kids all have gorgeous blue/green eyes and dark hair. Can we ask  you about your beautiful family’s heritage?
Patrick is South Sea Islander from the island of Tanna and is also aboriginal. 
I am Maltese, aboriginal and a mix of English and a few other nationalities. We would love to do a DNA test to see exactly where we are from. The blue eyes are a recessive gene so we are in awe that our four kids got blue eyes. My side of the family have blue eyes, however there is only Patrick and his auntie that have green eyes in his family, and a great grandparent that may have had Blue eyes. Genetics are amazing! 
You shot so many beautiful pictures of your family in SALTY swimmers <3 What’s your favorite piece for the kids? 
Oh we have so many favourite salty pieces. But the Shayana collection is a fave!! 
Talking about beach essentials. What are the top 4 things you always take when hitting the beach with your family?
We always take sunscreen, water, a beach Mat and a UE boom to play music. 

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